Fashion design with people, for people

Portraitfoto Anna Flemmer, kinn-lange braun/rote Haare, lächeln, braun/schwarz gemustertes Rollkragen-Oberteil
Portraitfoto Anna Flemmer, kinn-langes, braun-rotes Haar, lächelt, braun/schwarz gemustertes Rollkragen-Oberteil

Fashion design with people, for people

Inclusion touches all of us. Togehter with experts for there own needs I’m designing clothing and assistive pieces for the everyday, which blind people and people with visual impairments can use to improve their interactions with fashion.

And because my aim is to achieve accessibility, we all benefit.

Embodying inclusion

Are you looking for a speaker who knows the fashion industry and wants to revolutionize it?

Are you interested in booking a workshop director in the area of fashion design? Or are you a start-up investor with a passion for founding a fashion lab that highlights inclusion?

Design Thinking

What difficulties do blind people face when it comes to fashion? How can I as a designer or business owner make others more self-reliant?


From my conversations with people who experience extreme vision impairments and blindness, I learn things such as how difficult it can be to tell the difference between the inside and outside of a garment based on how the fabric feels. And much more.


I conceptualize sustainable solutions for fashion and assistive devices.
The most sophisticated sketches are ultimately brought to life and tested.

Fashion for everyone

The products can be anything from reversible garments or gender-neutral clothing to care instructions printed in braille.

My services

Design consulting for brands

  • Development of inclusive/adaptive fashion designs with people with disabilities
  • Fitting sessions for improvements of existing collections
  • Requirements analysis

POS consulting for brands

  • Requirements analysis with people with disabilities to develop clear product requirements
  • Customer experience assessment of stores with a view to accessibility
  • Conducting focus groups with people with disabilities

Panel talks for awareness

  • What is inclusive and adaptive fashion design?
  • What are the benefits for fashion brands?
  • Education on the topic of blindness and visual impairment


How to get started with adaptive fashion design for fashion brands? With design thinking to inclusive fashion
Foto: verschiedene Materialien wie Reißverschlüsse, Bänder und Garne liegen nebeneinander auf einem weißen Hintergrund
Foto hochkant, Zwei Personen halten ein blaues Kleidungsstück in der Hand, die rechte Person hält den Stoff an ihr Gesicht


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Fabiana und Anna stehen nebeneinander und lächeln in die Kamera. Mit Text, einfach Vielfalt, Workshops für Inklusion

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Am 21.02-2024 sind wir auf der Didacta in Köln und stellen unser neues Projekt vor. Besuch uns doch, wir freuen uns!

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