Service overview

It’s time to start designing utopias together. How does an accessible design concept work? I’m a professional seamstress and fashion designer, and during my conceptual phase I’m in constant conversation with other experts on the topic: people with visual impairments.

We develop inclusive, accessible design strategies together.
We seek out process-oriented solutions that hit the mark with our target group.

What is inclusion exactly, and what does it have to do with design?
I’m happy to talk through the answers to these questions as a way of inspiring and raising awareness among researchers, business owners or anyone interested in fashion.

I advise others in the area of accessible design. My input helps to sensitize you or your company to new ideas and perspectives. In doing so, we’re crafting the transformation toward sustainability, inclusion and accessibility.


Write me!


Danke für deine Nachricht!

Zurzeit befinde ich mich in der Babypause. Daher bitte ich um etwas Geduld für das Beantworten der Mail. Ich bin ab dem 20.07. wieder erreichbar und beantworte ab dann meine Mails in regelmäßigen Abständen von zwei Wochen.

Bis dahin bleiben meine Mails sicher verwahrt in meinem Postfach. Für Kooperationen, Projekte und Aufträge bin ich ab November 2022 wieder offen.

Ich freue mich auf die neue Herausforderung, aber auch auf die Zukunft als selbstständige Mutter.

Beste Grüße, Anna Flemmer 


Hello, thank you very much for the message. At the moment I am on my baby break. Please be patient for me answering the mail. I will be available again from twentieth of July.

Then I will answer my mails in regular intervals of two weeks. Until then, my mails will remain safely stored in my mailbox.

I will be open again for collaborations, projects and orders starting from November 2022. I am looking forward to the new challenge, but also to the future as a self-employed mother.

Best regards, Anna Flemmer